I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki
Skills start at 0 and go to 100. They can be increased by various jobs or during events, or temporarily by equipping certain gear. Certain statuses may double or halve how quickly skills increase. Perks are granted when a skill reaches a certain threshold. Kudos is the game's currency and may be used to buy gear or forget cards once unlocked via perks. Stress is increased by exploring or doing jobs. High stress will prevent you from doing any job except relaxing, which reduces stress. Rebellion starts at 50 and may move to 0 (fully loyal) or 100 (fully rebellious) during the game. It affects many event choices and endings.
Name Suit Perk at 30 Perk at 60 Perk at 100 Description
Empathy social spa relaxBetter loveDestress Understanding other people
Persuasion social socialPlusOne extraKudos doubleSocial Charisma to command people and speak in public
Creativity social shopClothes skillsBoost giftBetter Artistic ability and capacity for novel ideas
Bravery social extraDraw reduceExploreStress extraDraw For both social and dangerous situations
Reasoning mental mentalPlusOne autoplayFairy doubleMental Problem solving and general knowledge
Organization mental gearSlot extraDraw skipNewCard Dedication to neatness, management
Engineering mental extraDraw shopGadgets gearSlot Study of machines, physics, math, and programming
Biology mental jobAnalyzePlants collectiblesMore extraStartingPerk Study of plants, chemistry, and the human body
Toughness physical physicalPlusOne training injuryImmune Physical strength and stamina
Perception physical collectiblesHighlight collectiblesMore noBottlenecks Ability to find things and sneak past things
Combat physical shopWeapons extraDraw doublePhysical Tactics and weapons
Animals physical petUpgrades1 gearSlot petUpgrades2 Familiarity with xenofauna, hunting, ranching
Kudos none Reputation-based currency
Stress none Physical and mental exhaustion
Rebellion none Relationship with adults and colony government