I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki
Areas you can explore by leaving on a surveying, foraging, or hunting expedition from Expeditions. Early in the game you may also sneak out to explore the colony outskirts once unlocked. Some xenofauna are specific to one region.
Name ID Description Associated Season
The Colony Outskirts nearby A relatively peaceful area directly surrounding the colony. Unlike the other regions, it experiences changing seasons. Late in the game, it may even be explored during Glow season once unlocked. None
The Prosaic Plains plains The Prosaic Plains lie far to the north of the colony, where the higher elevation and natural tilt of the planet makes bromidic snow fall more regularly in every season.

Though prone to sudden storm flurries, the Plains are a relatively safe place to explore filled with mostly herbivorous xenofauna.

The Valley of Vertigo valley The Valley of Vertigo is a low-lying trench to the east that's dense with pollen-producing trees. There's a wide variety of edible food here - both plant and animal product - leading to some of the explorers calling this place the 'bread basket of Vertumna.'

There are a number of animals here that Geoponics would be interested in domesticating.

The Western Wresting Ridge ridge This tongue-twisting region is the broken spine of the planet, home to both dizzying heights and abyssal lows. It's always hot and arid here no matter the season.

Traversing these steep chasms is dangerous, and only to be done by those with sufficient glider training. However, there are some interesting ruins here to explore.

The Subaqueous Swamps swamp To the south is a vast boggy wilderness, home to dangerous animals and hazardous weather conditions. Exploration in this area is only to be done with extreme caution. Wet