I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki
Perks are granted when the associated skill reaches a certain level for the first time. Some unlock new features at locations like the spa, training gym, and shop items. Others give bonuses in card challenges. Also see enhancements for perks chosen at the start of the game.
Perk Name Identifier Description
Gear + 1 gearSlot Equip an additional Gear
Level 2 Pets petUpgrades1 Upgrade pet cards via Relaxing in the Park
Level 3 Pets petUpgrades2 Upgrade pet cards via Relaxing in the Park
Shop Clothes shopClothes New cards in the depot
Shop Gadgets shopGadgets New cards in the depot
Extra Battle Card extraDraw Draw an extra card at the start of battle (effect stacks)
Highlight Collectibles collectiblesHighlight All collectibles glow
More Collectibles collectiblesMore Collectibles respawn faster and more slots are filled
Native Botany jobAnalyzePlants Unlock Xenobotany Research in Geoponics
Shop Weapons shopWeapons New cards in the depot
Spa spa Pay to remove cards in the quarters spa
Card Training training Update basic cards in the garrison gym
Extra Enhancement extraStartingPerk Enhance your DNA in Engineering
Double Social Increases doubleSocial Social skills are gained twice as fast
Double Mental Increases doubleMental Mental skills are gained twice as fast
Double Physical Increases doublePhysical Physical skills are gained twice as fast
Small Chance for Extra Skill skillsBoost 5% chance to gain an extra skill point every time
Improved Relax Forget relaxBetter Choose from 3 cards when relaxing
Improved Gifting giftBetter Give gifts every month instead of once a season
Extra Kudos extraKudos + 1 Kudos every time you receive kudos
Friendship Decreases Stress loveDestress - 1 Stress any time you gain Friendship
Avoid Blocking Events noBottlenecks Slip past all path-blocking explore events
Optional Card Skip skipNewCard Can choose not to take new cards
Immune to Injury injuryImmune Never receive the Injury status effect when hurt
+1 to Social cards socialPlusOne Yellow cards get +1 in social battles
+1 to Mental cards mentalPlusOne Blue cards get +1 in mental battles
+1 to Physical cards physicalPlusOne Red cards get +1 in physical battles
Reduce Exploration Stress reduceExploreStress Every event in exploring causes +10 stress instead of +15
Autoplay Fairy autoplayFairy Autoplay Fairy sometimes plays the best hand for you