I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki
All jobs are in one of 6 locations. Some story events trigger depending on which location you spend the month in, regardless of which job you pick. Some locations may have choices to speak to the council member who runs the department, or choices to visit various shops or read notices.
Name Description Suit Characters Council Member
Geoponics The farms, geodesic domes and barns. Where your parents work. mental Cal Chief Cultivator Flulu
Quarters Private suites and bedrooms, community lounges, cafeteria, and the childrens' creche. social Tammy, Nomi, Rex Chief Steward Antecendent
Engineering The ship's engines, the classroom, the medbay and research labs. mental Tang Chief Engineer Instance
Garrison Security squads, and the sportsball pitch. physical Anemone, Vace Security Chief Rhett
Command The bridge and offices where the Governor works and the council meets. Also the storage depot and construction center. social Marz, Rex Chief Administrator Seeq
Expeditions Survey and foraging expeditions leave from here to both nearby and faraway locations. physical Dys, Nomi, Vace Chief Surveyor