I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki
There are two types of endings: standard career endings when you reach age 20, and both good and bad special endings, some of which end the game before age 20. Which career ending you're given is calculated based on times worked in the required job (x 3) + times worked in secondary job (x1.5) + level of skill (x0.7). There is a minimum threshold of 5 times worked required job and 50 in skill.
Career Endings Narrative Requirement Required Job Secondary Job Skill
Governor Became governor.
Xeno Hunter Did not negotiate peace. hunt defenseTraining combat
Sportsball Hero sportsball toughness
Military Hero Did not negotiate peace. guardDuty lookoutDuty combat
Astronaut Made a pact to leave with Vace. studyPhysics artifacts bravery
Explorer survey exploreNearby perception
Collector Did not negotiate peace. artifacts forage organization
Prolific Parent Told Tammy or Rex you wanted children. babysitting cooking empathy
Pulp Novelist studyWriting assistant creativity
Entertainer Performed the Photophonor. photophonor barista bravery
Botanist analyzePlants studyBiology biology
Xeno Whisperer tendAnimals relaxPark animals
Farmer farm shovel biology
Lawyer assistant studyWriting persuasion
Architect construction studyPhysics toughness
Merchant Told Marz you support capitalism. depot delivery organization
Doctor nurse studyBiology empathy
Roboticist robotRepair studyPhysics engineering
Professor tutoring studyWriting reasoning
Rebel rebellion
Hobbyist relaxLounge, relaxPark, relaxWalls
Special endings Description
Negotiated Peace (a modifier to above career endings)
Colony Destroyed The Colony was destroyed...
Tangent's Cure The Xenos are no more...
Ran Away You never returned...
Disabled the Array Vertumna's protectors are gone...
Joined the Gardeners When you return to yourself, you are different.
Transcended Time So this is how it all began...
Stratospheric Destroyed The wormhole is closed. Forever.
Life on Earth This doesn't feel right...