I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki
Special cards that provide one-use abilities during challenges, and can be gifted to friends to increase their friendship (or decrease it if it is something they dislike). Gifting items on a character's birthday gives a bigger increase. Several perks modify the effect of giving gifts.
Name Like Dislike Region Nearby Season Battle Effect
Yellow Flower Tammy, Tang, Marz, Sym Vace Plains, Valley, Ridge dust turn yellow and +1
Bobber Fruit Cal, Sym Vace Valley, Swamp pollen turn blue and +1
Xeno Egg Anemone, Cal, Sym Marz, Vace Valley, Swamp wet turn red and +1
Mushwood Log Rex, Sym Tammy, Marz Plains, Swamp quiet, pollen, dust, wet card gets +2
Medicinal Roots Tang, Dys, Sym Marz, Nomi Plains, Swamp quiet draw card
Crystal Cluster Marz, Nomi, Sym Anemone Plains, Ridge glow redraw hand
Strange Device Nomi, Dys, Vace, Sym Ridge
Cake Cal, Vace, Sym, Rex Dys
White Astrantia Sym