I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Wiki

A list of everyone pictured in the game, starting with characters with friendship meters which go from 0 - 100 (0 to 10 hearts). Friendship can be increased by working in jobs with that character, by giving them gifts, or by favoring them during story events. Knowledge of a friend's enhancement, favorite gifts, or other stats will be remembered in future lives once learned.

Nickname Full Name Age Birthday Color Location Description 1 Description 2 Enhancement
Anemone Anemone F 9 dust-1 FFC6B2 garrison Energetic girl who loves sports. Stubbornly loyal to her friends and the colony. Armor-scaled skin
Cal Recalcitrance M 11 dust-3 bef7c7 garden Physically strong boy who isn't afraid to get in touch with his emotions. Pacifist, loves animals. Heat/cold tolerant
Tangent Tangent F 9 wet-3 EED6FF colony_quiet Studious and mature girl, often too busy to play with the others. Devoted to helping the colony thrive via science. Reduced sleep
Dys Dysthymia M 9 wet-3 FFDFB7 expeditions Withdrawn boy, a loner and awkward around other people. Often sneaks away to who knows where. No sense of fear
Marz Marzipan F 10 wet-1 C7F0FF colony Fierce and fiery girl with big dreams of success. Loves to be in charge so don't get in her way. Shameless
Tammy Aspartame F 11 pollen-3 FFF9B2 colony Sweet, down to earth girl who prefers to stay close to home and care for others. Honest and unselfconscious. Enhanced hearing
Rex Basorexia M 10 pollen-1 9cffe9 colony Adorable boy from the Heliopause. More interested in flirting than working, but he's fun to be around. Doggy ears
Nomi-Nomi Nomination NB 8 dust-2 F9D6FF colony Quirky nonbinary kid from the Heliopause. They never seem to get things right, but their enthusiasm sees them through. They don't know
Vace Olivaceous M 13 wet-2 FFBBC8 garrison Tough, serious older boy from the Heliopause. Never hesitates to defend others and be the hero. Well endowed
Sym Symbiosis M 0 pollen-2 FFFFDB exploreClose Mysterious man who appears when you need him most. He calls himself a 'Gardener' and is fascinated by humans. AI construct
Adults etc
Nickname Full Name Age Birthday Color Location Description 1 Description 2 Enhancement
Flulu Fluorescent F 43 pollen-3 garden Your Mom, the Chief Cultivator. A strong woman up to any challenge, who expects the same from others.
Geranium Geranium M 41 dust-1 geoponics Your Dad, who works in geoponics. A kind man, always patient with children and animals.
Eudicot Eudicot F 81 dust-3 command Governor of your colony, and one of the oldest people in it. Everyone has great respect for her knowledge and leadership.
Lum Baculum M 16 wet-3 bridge Governor after the Heliopause landed. Young, brash and agressive, trained as a soldier but rose in the ranks after the Helio's bridge crew was killed.
Auntie Seedent Antecedent F 36 pollen-3 quarters Chief Steward, and everybody's Auntie. She runs the creche and helped raise all the colony children, as well as her own daughter Anemone.
Instance Instance F 50 pollen-1 medbay Chief Engineer and ship's medical doctor who is always very busy. You know better than to interrupt her, especially when she's working on her research.
Hal Halitosis M 40 dust-2 classroom Your teacher, a cheerful man who loves to tinker and finds joy in learning about every day things.
Tonin Melatonin M 40 wet-2 expeditions Chief Surveyor and ship's pilot, a sweet man who seemed better suited to space than the ground. Tammy's father.
Utopia Utopia F 22 pollen-2 expeditions Young surveyor who loves speeding across the planet on her glider. The new Chief Surveyor after Uncle Tonin.
Rhett Rhetorical M 50 wet-2 garrison Chief of Security, a gruff man who new recruits are frightened by. He takes the colony's safety very seriously.
Congruence Congruence F 23 workshop The ship's artificial intelligence, a vastly powerful computer system which runs everything from life support to the holonet archives. She has a sense of humor, too.
Seeq Obsequious NB 40 quiet-2 command Chief Administrator, a neat and organized individual who keeps the colony running smoothly. They don't like kids very much.
Kom Kombucha M 15 dust-2 sportsball Anemone's older brother, a young securty officer who coaches sportsball. All the kids love and look up to him.
Nougat Nougat F 3 dust-3 creche Younger child full of barely-controlled energy. She loves games, especially sportsball.